Since 2019, we are looking for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers who want to participate in the research of the Cluster. Doctoral researchers are part of the Graduate School that provides a structure towards their doctorate.

Principal Investigators will regularly post their open positions on their institute websites. Please check for announcements within your field of interest by following the link of the respective PI profile.

Additionally, positions and stipends that are specifically situated within the Cluster are added to our Opportunities page. This includes offers such as the scholarships for doctoral researchers in the HEiKA Graduate School on Functional Materials offered within the Carl Zeiss Foundation-Focus@HEiKA.

There is furthermore the possibility to be admitted into the HEiKA Graduate School without funding by the Cluster or through a position in the group of a Principal Investigator. Foundations like the Studienstiftung or the German Academic Exchange Service might provide external funding. Please note that you should have been in contact with a PI before applying.

Graduate School Program Manager

Stefanie Peer
Cluster Office