MBA Fundamentals Program for 3DMM2O Doctoral Researchers

The MBA Fundamentals Program for doctoral researchers lets you gain management expertise alongside your research.
MBA Fundamentals Program for doctoral researchers

Members of the HEiKA Graduate School on Functional Materials with an interest in management topics that goes beyond the mandatory module requirements have the opportunity to partake in the MBA Fundamentals Program.

Doctoral researchers often benefit from knowledge on management topics at an early stage of their career.

Management expertise often has a positive impact on the career possibilities, especially when switching from academia to industry.

In the six out of seven units of the MBA Fundamentals Program you will learn a whole new approach regarding, e.g., project management, human resource management and marketing.

As a HEiKA Graduate School member you need an approval of your supervisor. Costs are covered. 

Program structure

Key Facts and Benefits


If you would like to register for the MBA Fundamentals Program, please contact the 3DMM2O Cluster Office directly.

MBA Fundamentals Program Manager

Stefanie Peer
Cluster Office