Research Area A: Molecular Materials

Research Area A is the molecular design center of the 3DMM2O Cluster.

The research focus lays on the confined self-assembly of molecular units into macroscopic objects and the provision of functional macromolecular inks and resists for 3D laser printing. With the programmed fabrication of functional materials, Research Area A “Molecular Materials” represents the basis of the Cluster 3DMM2O. The three Thrusts of Research Area A are: Molecular Units (A1), Crystalline Molecular Assemblies (A2) and Advanced Macromolecular Resists (A3).

Thrust A1

Thrust A1 focuses on the design and synthesis of molecular units with a wide range of functionalities.

Thrust A2

Thrust A2 explores the controlled self-assembly of molecular building blocks.

Thrust A3

Thrust A3 is the chemistry workbench for advanced resist design.