Research Area B: Technologies

Research Area B is advancing technologies of 3D Additive Manufacturing.

Based on inks and resistances provided by Research Area A, the general goal of Research Area B is to explore the fundamental limits of 3D Additive Manufacturing in terms of spatial resolution, speed, scalability, and multi-material printing. The aim is to push technologies and novel machine tools to these limits in order to make them available to internal users in Research Area C as well as external collaborators. The three Thrusts of Research Area B are: 3D Laser Nanoprinting (B1), Integrated Multiscale Nanomanufacturing (B2) and Electron Microscopy of Beam-Sensitive Materials (B3).

Thrust B1

Thrust B1 works on advancing 3D Laser Nanoprinting.

Thrust B2

Thrust B2 innovates and improves material deposition methods for 3D printing.

Thrust B3

Thrust B3 develops advanced techniques for sample preparation using electron microscopy.