Permanent Exhibition at IMSEAM

The permanent exhibition of the Cluster 3DMM2O at the Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering and Advanced Materials (IMSEAM) opened at February 2, 2023. It is composed of different stations with various exhibits. Visitors are able to explore 3D printed nanostructures as well as pictures and canvases with selected research illustrations. An interactive touch screen conveys further information about the Cluster and shows media from the research groups involved.

The nanoparticles and 3D printed nanostructures that can be examined include printed metasurfaces that react to environmental stimuli like light. In this way, objects that are colorless and transparent suddenly appear colored. An audiovisual installation called “Liszt meets cells – cells meet Liszt” attempts to combine molecular system development with music. Thus, cells are brought to life with images and animations, accompanied by the auditory component of Franz Liszt’s piano music.

The visitors not only get an impression of the interdisciplinary and versatile research in the Cluster but also learn about additive manufacturing in general. This includes different 3D printing techniques and characterization methods as well as new materials and their applications. The exhibition will be further expanded with new exhibits over time.

The exhibition is open to everyone to visit during the regular opening hours of the IMSEAM, which is located at Heidelberg University, Im Neuenheimer Feld 225, Heidelberg.

Contact for guided tours and visits: Jonathan Schmidt (

Permanent Exhibition at IMSEAM​
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