Permanent Exhibition at the Physik Hochhaus (APH)

The Cluster 3D Matter Made to Order has now also opened a permanent exhibition in the foyer of the physics high-rise building on the KIT campus (building 30.23, Wolfgang-Gaede-Straße 1, 76131 Karlsruhe). Come by to see the structures and metamaterials visualized by our Young Scientists.

Some of the exhibited canvases

Mechanical Metamaterial made by using rapid multi-photon 3D laser printing

Kiefer, KIT (AG Wegener)

A nanophotonic cavity obtained using a computational design technique known as „Topology Opimization“

Augenstein, KIT (AG Rockstuhl)

Synthetic Cytoskeleton (synthetic biology)

Jahnke, Heidelberg University & MPI (AG Göpfrich)

3D Printed Porous Structures

Dong, KIT (AG Levkin)