Equal Opportunity

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Heidelberg University are dedicated to create equal opportunities.

Creating equal opportunities at all levels of education, research and governance is a central part of the development concept of the Cluster and an important goal for both institutions.

Both institutions have defined strategic gender equality plans to increase the proportion of women at all qualification levels; for more information and the specific measures services visit the office for equal opportunity at KIT and Heidelberg University.

In addition to the existing gender equality plans of KIT and Uni HD, and coordinated with their equal opportunity offices, the Cluster aims to:

The Diversity Commissioner takes care of the fulfilment of these goals, is in regular contact with the equal opportunity office of KIT and Uni HD and with the Cluster Office that is implementing the defined measures.

Equal Opportunity Coordinator

Thorana Grether
Cluster Office

thorana grether@3dmm2o de

Diversity Commissioner

Prof. Dr. Petra Tegeder
Heidelberg University


Family-Friendly Environment​

Increase of Female Scientists

High-School Student Activities