International Guest Program

The International Guest Program of the Cluster of Excellence 3D Matter Made to Order provides scientists conducting research in the area of the Cluster with the opportunity for a research stay at KIT / Heidelberg University for a duration of one to six months.

The program aims at fostering the internationalization of the Cluster by establishing international cooperations as well exchanges on the state of the art in different disciplines.

The Cluster organizes the stay, reimburses travel expenses and subsistence and the accommodation for the duration of the stay.

Applications for the program need to be supported by a 3DMM2O Principal Investigator.

The selection is done by the following criteria:

If you, as a scientist conducting research in the area of the Cluster, are interested in taking part in our International Guest Program, please get in contact with our Principal Investigators or contact Stefanie Peer from the Cluster Office for more information.