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In order to create comparability and track progress, the Graduate School is structured through a module system.

Each Doctoral Researcher in our Graduate School independently selects their modules; at least five days of Scientific Modules, five days of Science Communication Modules, and five days of Management Modules.

In total, 15 days have to be completed. A mandatory e-learning course on Research Data Management has to be completed within the first six months of membership. 

The trainings within the Carl Zeiss Foundation Training Program and the Equal Opportunity Training Program are voluntary and addressed to all Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers of the Cluster.

For some modules you can find short introductions by Young Scientists in their description on the Scientific Modules page. Here you can find the playlist with all available module presentations.

Scientific Modules

Management Modules

Science Commu­nication

Carl Zeiss Foundation Training Program

Equal Opportunity Training Program

Upcoming Modules

Module NameDateLocation
Scientific Module: Hands-on Inkjet PrintingMay 6-10Heidelberg
Scientific Module: High-Throughput ScreeningJune 17-21KIT
Scientific Module: Crash Course on 3D Laser Scanning Optical Microscopy of Biological Systems June 24-28Heidelberg
Scientific Module: Photochemistry in 3D PrintingJuly 10-12Heidelberg
Scientific Module: Hands-on Biofabrication BasicsOctober 7-8Heidelberg
Scientific Module: Hands-on Microprinting for BeginnersOctober 14-18KIT
Scientific Module: How to retrieve Nanoscale Information from the Inside of my Sample – Even in 3DNovember 4-8Heidelberg
Scientific Module: 3D X-Ray Imaging for Digital Anatomy Nov 25-29Heidelberg

Online Modules

Module NameDateLocation
Introduction to Research Data HandlingAlways availableOnline
Introduction to Working in a Clean RoomAs neededOnline

Upcoming Events

Event NameDateLocation
Winter Cluster MeetingMarch 5-6, 2024Kloster Neustadt
Future 3D Additive Manufacturing – The 3DMM2O Conference 2024April 7-11, 2024Schöntal Monastery
Young Scientist Retreat 2024June 6-7, 2024Natur- & Sporthotel Zuflucht


Unified Registration Form

Personal Data

Scientific Modules

Management Modules

Please register directly on the Hector School website.

Science Communication Modules

Please note that conference presentations as well as selected Carl Zeiss Foundation Training Units count as Science Communication Modules. Please contact the Graduate School Manager if you want to have a contribution to a scientific conference recognized as such.

Carl Zeiss Foundation Training

Equal Opportunity Training

Please make sure that you fit the target group for the chosen module before registering.

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