Recap Winter Cluster Meeting 2024

Our annual 3DMM2O Conference took place at Schöntal Monastery in April. A very exciting program was put together: In addition to the PIs and Doctoral Researchers, an excellent selection of invited speakers gave presentations. During the five-day conference, there were also plenty of networking opportunities and exchange during the poster sessions or the social program. […]

A first in artificial cell division!

Cluster Alumnus Kevin Jahnke is second author and Cluster PI Prof. Dr. Kerstin Göpfrich is co-author of a pioneering paper published in Nature Communications. The research team succeeded for the first time in developing a ring of DNA nanotubes that could be used for artificial cell division. The results have provided new insights into the […]

New setup increases speed of multi-photon 3D laser printing

A new Cluster publication by first author Dr. Pascal Kiefer addresses one of the key challenges of multi-photon 3D laser printing. The scientists have developed a new setup that allows printing speeds to increase 10-fold. The combination of the large array and fast scan speeds means that very large or small samples can be produced […]