Continuation Application goes to the Final Round

The renewal application for the Cluster of Excellence 3D Matter Made to Order, which has been funded since the end of 2019, is entering the final round. The application must be submitted by August 22, 2024. In May 2025, the Excellence Commission, made up of the members of the expert panel and the federal and state […]

Novel Technique for Mechanically Stimulating Multicellular Systems in 3D

A recent Cluster publication by first author Young Scientist Federico Colombo introduces a novel 2-photon laser printing method for mechanically stimulating multicellular systems in 3D. This technique enables precise control over the mechanical environment of cells, allowing for a deeper understanding of their behavior and potential therapeutic applications. The findings pave the way for the development of […]

Printed Electronics for Interfacing with Single Cells up to Organoids

A new Cluster publication in Advanced Functional Materials highlights the transformative potential of printed electronics for interfacing with biological systems, from single cells to organoids. The review article by first author Young Scientist Mahsa K. Saghafi summarizes the recent advancements in this rapidly growing field and showcases its diverse applications in biosensing, neural interfacing, and […]

Nature Review on the Physics of 3D Printing with Light

A new review article by first author Cluster Young Scientist Paul Somers discusses the physics of 3D printing with light. The article published in the journal “nature reviews physics” focuses on the physics underlying optics-based approaches, including interference lithography, tomographic volumetric additive manufacturing, stereolithography, continuous liquid-interface printing, light-sheet printing, parallelized spatiotemporal focusing and (multi-)focus scanning. It depicts […]

New Review on Recent Advances in Multi-Photon 3D Laser Printing

Multi-photon 3D laser printing, also known as direct laser writing (DLW), has revolutionized the fabrication of complex microstructures. A new review by co-first authors Cluster Young Scientists Philipp Mainik and Christoph Spiegel as well as PI Eva Blasco highlights recent advances in the field, with a focus on the use of active materials. The review published […]

Registration for the Cluster Conference 2024 now open

You can now register for the 3DMM2O Conference 2024 – Future 3D Additive Manufacturing on the topic 3D Cellular Systems: Synthetic Environments, Mechanobiology & Organoids. It will take place from April 7 to April 11 in the baroque Schöntal Monastery, Germany (near Heilbronn) and aims at bridging the gap between advanced biomaterials design and its […]

Martin Wegener receives MOC Award

Cluster PI and Spokesperson Martin Wegener received the prestigious MOC Award from the Japan Society of Applied Physics / Microoptics Research Group for his pioneering contributions to the research on 3D additive manufacturing of metamaterials. The award ceremony took place during the 28th Microoptics Conference on September 25, 2023, at the Seagaia Convention Center, Mayazaki, Japan. […]

The Cluster welcomes two new Associate PIs

We warmly welcome T.T.-Prof. Dr. Pascal Friederich and Prof. Gáspár Jékely as new Associate Principal Investigators in our Cluster! Pascal Friederich is head of the research group “Artificial Intelligence for Materials Sciences” at the Institute of Theoretical Informatics and associated group leader at the Institute of Nanotechnology, both at KIT. Gáspár Jékely is Professor of Molecular Organismal Biology at the Centre for […]

Cluster Review on Photochemically Activated 3D Printing Inks

In a recent Cluster publication by first author Young Scientist Steven Gauci, the authors review the current status, challenges, and opportunities of photochemically activated 3D printing inks. The publication published in Advanced Materials is a collaboration of Heidelberg University, KIT, and the QUT Centre for Materials Science. Besides second author Young Scientist Aleksandra Vranić, who also […]

Stefanie Dehnen elected President of the GDCh

Cluster PI Stefanie Dehnen was elected president of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) for the years 2024/2025. The election took place during the board meeting of the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2023 in Leipzig. The GDCh is the largest chemical society in continental Europe with over 30,000 members from academia, education, industry, and other areas. Its […]